Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Uh oh: Change, Change, Change

My best friend Jenna Leigh and me in Washington, D.C. July 2010.
This past Sunday I had the worst chest pains I've ever had. I honestly thought I was having a heart attack. I drove myself to the ER at 9 pm, after vomiting several times en route, and was poked and prodded and finally released at 2 am with prescriptions for anti-nausea, anti-cramping, and pain. The verdict is not yet set, but the ER doctor and the internist I visited on Monday morning think I may have gallstones, which is honestly one of the most embarrassing things to be diagnosed with since this medical issue almost always affects people who are overweight. I am one such person, I'm also part Native American (which makes me even more susceptible to gallbladder issues), and I'm a woman (we tend to have more issues with this part of our body than men).

I find out tomorrow, after getting an ultrasound of my stomach, if the gallbladder stays or goes. One thing is for certain though, my craptastic diet is going. As a result, I may not keep this little blog alive either. As much as I love to bake, I love living more. Getting healthy is my No. 1 priority. So, whatever happens, I'll still keep writing, but the content and the theme of this blog will be changing somewhat dramatically. I'm far too young (31 going on 32 in September) to have EKGs, trips to the ER, and chest pains that are so unbearable it feels like an elephant is standing on my chest.

So, I promise to update this little blog once I figure out what my new blog is going to be called and what I hope to write about. Till then, please wish me luck and healing, healthy vibes. I'm a little nervous about these turn of events.

Hugs and high fives,


Kate said...

So, Kella ... I had my gall bladder removed at 22. This after a year with an H Pylori infection and a middle-of-the-night trip to University Hospital. (I was lying on the floor of our apartment bathroom, and Julie A. insisted. God bless her.) So, anyway, just wanted to let you know: I've been there. Hugs.

Kella said...

Thanks, Kate, for sharing your story. That makes me feel much, much better. Thank goodness for Julie A. insisting. I have a similar friend, Nicole Hunt, who did the same thing for me. I found out this morning that I do have a rather "healthy" looking gallstone in my gallbladder. I meet with a surgeon on Monday morning. So, thanks for the well wishes and the encouragement. (not to mention the hugs) I need them.

Sarah M. said...

Kella, I've been reading your blog for some time, but not being very vocal about how much I love it, which is a shame. You are an incredible writer and amazing person. I'm thinking about you, and remembering our fantastic (if short lived) Kansas City writers' group. Stay strong, and let me know if I can do anything to help in your new health journey. (I switched to eating vegan two years ago because I felt crappy, so I've been through a complete diet change before. Not saying it works for everybody, but it did make me feel better!)

Kella said...

Oh, Sarah! How nice it is to hear from you. I think about our little writer's group often. You and Marisa were my cheerleaders to a better life (and I still feel your cheers now). Thank you!

I found out today that surgery is likely. I'm going to meet with a Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine tomorrow in addition to the three MDs I've already seen (in the ER, in the general practitioner setting and with a surgeon). I know that diet is a big factor in health, and mine is definitely changing as I type this.

Thanks for your support, love and encouragement. I am so happy to hear that the vegan switch has been so beneficial for you. I'm not sure I can do that yet, but I'm in awe of those who can.

Lots of love,

Elizabeth said...

i hate that you were feeling that sick! take care of yourself woman! we need you around for a long time. love you!

EatAnts said...

Don't blame your weight for your gallstones. It is starting to be common place for women in their 20s and 30s to have them removed now due to many things from weight, taking "the Pill", using aspartame, etc.

Good luck with your surgery. I had my gall bladder removed 3.5 yrs ago. It comes with its own sets of pros and cons.

Good luck with your lifestyle changes too. I recently made radical changes to mine to lose weight and knock on wood, I've been really successful so far.

Feel better soon!

Kella said...

Thanks, Liz and Sheila. I know I can't blame being a curvy dame for my health problems in this case entirely, but I will tell you this: I am done eating crap. Goodbye fried foods, anything with MSG, ice cream/gelato (except on special occasions and in small portions), and anything that has butter or fat as the main ingredient. I'm still going to bake and blog, I've decided, but I will either a) give away the goodies to friends and family, or b) bake healthy shit. :) Hugs, Kella

Patricia Morrison said...


A few things. One, thank you for your writerly and friendly and joyful presence here and in the world! I look forward to another visit when I come through on tour in April.

Two, health really is key, but there are lots of delicious things to eat and bake that can be a part of that. As you know, nutrition is kind of my thing (is, in fact, how I make my living), so I'd be happy to help in whatever way would be useful. Be in touch. Feel better, my friend.

Three, I would like to revive the idea of the long-distance writing group again. You interested?

Four, I was actually seeking you out today to ask for a good recipe for delicious dairy-free whole wheat (at least 75%) bread recipe. I made one that was OK, but three rises and five hours of baking is a lot and, in the end, it turned out kind of flat- which may have something to do with my yeast bread skill or lack thereof, but I thought I'd ask the expert for a great recipe and start again.

Would love to hear from you!

With care,