Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Drop In & Decorate Project: Take 2

For faithful readers who know that my IDS 101 (interdisciplinary studies) students at St. Louis Community College baked and decorated cookies for Safe Connections last semester, you'll recognize the theme of giving and baked goods with the second iteration of this service-learning project. This semester my super creative students decorated over five dozen sugar cookies for the Ronald McDonald House off West Pine Boulevard in St. Louis, Missouri. Some of my favorite cookies included an alien head, a volcano replete with gel lava, an island scene, kaleidoscope cookies, and super stars.

As always, big props to the folks (thank you, Lydia!) at Drop In and Decorate for starting this nationwide movement. I'm always inspired when one small idea becomes a force to be reckoned with, and the Drop In and Decorate mission is one I truly love.

So, my parting thought is this: Who's interested in doing another Drop In and Decorate event this summer? Let's pick a project that benefits women and children in the St. Louis metro. And for my readers elsewhere, why not join in the fun and learn how you too can host a Drop In and Decorate project? I promise these projects are addictive and, I truly believe, make a difference.

Hugs and high fives,


Lydia said...

Special thanks to everyone who decorated and donated -- your cookies are great and I can just imagine the smiles on the faces of the families who got those cookies!

Liz C. said...

Awesome job! Looks like a lot of fun! I just the other day talked to a friend who had a "Drop in & Decorate" party of her own, then a friend that was at the party had one! It was a like a chain of DI&D party chain! Good way to have fun, and do good all at once! Thank You for sharing that with me, and others in your classes!

Kella said...

Thanks, Liz!! You're too sweet. I'm so happy to hear that your friends are doing DI&D parties too. Awesome. Once I move to my new digs, I'll invite you and others over for another DI&D party.