Saturday, April 25, 2009

Harvest + Urban Gardening

In addition to Patty's farm-fresh Banty and brown eggs I brought home on Friday, I also received a bunch of green onions from her garden! (Thank YOU, Patty) Due to this bounty, I'm planning on making two quiches with baby Portobello mushrooms, gouda and green onions on Sunday (one for Patty and one for me). I also have some more biscuits to make since it's time to use the plain yogurt in my fridge. I'll freeze those bad boys and then have them on the ready when guests or carb-cravings strike.

This afternoon I planted chives, sweet basil and cilantro in containers. In my little clay-based (ugh!) flower garden, I planted larkspur, pinwheel zinnias, wildflowers, and California poppies.

I have a feeling I didn't plant the flowers far enough apart, so I may need to thin them out when seedlings begin to show. My mint is already flourishing (I planted it last year) and Dave can't wait to make homemade mint-dark chocolate chunk ice cream. I love steeping iced tea with fresh mint while Dave loves making mojitos. I'm sure I'll plant something next weekend too... If only I had better soil and a place to put a compost bin!

Photo Credit: I created the "Polaroid effect" of California poppies with Picnik.


Jenna said...

Mmmm. Mint. Does Dave ship his ice cream? ;-)

Kella said...

I wish. One of these days he needs to perfect more flavors, but I can see if he can whip up some ice cream for your visit on Memorial Day Weekend! Ker-pow!

SweetArt said...

Hello, Kella! I love your blog. I have a picture posting question for you. If you have time in your busy schedule, could you give me a call--314.452.8340...and your pecan bars look amazing!

reine...from SweetArt Bakeshop

Kella said...

Aww shucks, thanks Reine!! I loved your lemon cupcakes and the chocolate-covered strawberry cupcakes too. Mmmmmm good. I'll call tomorrow (Thursday, 5/21) with a follow-up about the picture posting. I'm more than happy to do what I can.